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THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 2021 AT 7 PM 8:30 PM (UK)
Muzikstan at Home with Moussa Dembele + Max Gittings

Spring is well and truly in the air as Muzikstan returns back to the UK from our round the world tour!
Bringing you the warm and sunny vibes this month we welcome two more outstanding acts from the UK to help you out of hibernation:
Max Gittings: Folk music woodwind traditions from across the world
Moussa Dembele & Alai Sanfo: West African Music - Worldwide infusions from Burkina Faso & Mali

First up, at 7pm we have Max Gittings:
Part of the vibrant music scene in Birmingham Max is a lifelong disciple of and performer/educator on a wide range of the global Flutes and Woodwind instruments of many different Folk Music traditions from across the world.
In normal times he can be found playing the Flute, Whistle and Bagpipes in Balkan-Megafolk band The Destroyers, playing for shows at the Royal Shakespeare Company or the West End.
Max is delighted to be invited to perform at this coming Muzikstan and get the chance to share with you a selection of some of his favourite tunes from this past year of lockdown music-making, all played on a selection of instruments ranging from Bagpipes through to 3ft tall Shepherd Flutes and many things in between!He looks forward to seeing you there!

Next up at 7.45pm: Moussa Dembele & Alai Sanfo
Moussa comes from a traditional Bwa Bwa Griot family of musicians and craftsmen from Burkina Faso and Mali who have been making and playing musical instruments for generations. He was trained by his father and various family members from a young age.
He has gone on to become a professional musician and teacher as well as a master craftsman of West African instruments all of which he has done for the last fifteen years.
In addition to the balafon, he also plays the kora and ngoni and percussion including djembe, doum doum and talking drum.
Moussa going to Perform with his brother Alai Sanfo is an artist-musician Master drummer from Burkina Faso. He started playing djembe from an early age with his brothers (Surutu Kunu) and became a member of the company Nekree, travelling around Europe.

We're so excited to welcome back the light, and life of spring . With new beginnings and new opportunities on the horizon remember that no winter lasts forever and we will be back together again very soon!
Much love,
Muzikstan X